Bcom In Investment Management

Bcom In Investment Management. Landing a job in finance is very competitive, with the ratio of applicants to available positions often being anywhere from 10:1 to 100:1. Get admission in b.com in finance and investment analysis.

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While the fee structure is different for colleges, on average a b.com. A bcom in financial management is an undergraduate degree that specialises in the area pertaining to profitability and finances. This degree option is recommended for students who envisage entering the banking sector, other financial institutions or positions in the financial world.

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Bcom Honours Investment Management

Bcom Honours Investment Management. Know what you need to meet the necessary requirements to qualify for a position to study with uj. 6+ years working experience in cost and management accounting.

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This is an opportunity to work for yourself and manage your own. Bcom honours in investment management the primary purpose of the bcom honours (investment management) programme is to strengthen the applicant’s knowledge and comprehension in the disciplines of investment management. It includes basic and technical concepts and relevant theories of fast paced capital markets along with a special reference to stock markets.

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