In The Book Of Eli Is He Blind

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Eli has to feel the feet to see if there are boots on the skeleton. This would mean he's simply the best blind fighter ever.

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This is also one of the reasons that indicate that eli was not completely blind because if he was, he would not be using any sort of eye protection.

In the book of eli is he blind. The big twist in the book of eli is that at the end is it revealed that eli is blind and his bible is in braille. It's clear from examining his eyes in various shots throughout the film that he is not blind for most of it. The secret twist of the book of eli.

In the town, the engineer opens eli’s locked bible, which carnegie discovers is in braille. In the opening fight, he cuts the man's hand off after being pushed, waiting until he's touched to get a sense of where. Carnegie presses his blind lover claudia (jennifer beals) to send her daughter, solara (mila kunis), to at least convince eli to spend the night by sleeping with him.

At the end of the film, his eyes go gray, showing he is blind. Back in town, carnegie tries to open the bible but realizes that he didn't take eli's key to the book flap. Eli was blind before the war and after finding the bible and hearing god's voice he regained his sight until his task was completed (finding a safe place for the bible) this is why he did things a blind man would do and could read braille and also why is eyes were normal at.

He then told eli what happened. Watch movie the book of eli at amazon! Eli, who was nearly blind, was sitting at the front gate to hear the returning soldiers return was unaware of the event until he asked about all the commotion in the city.

Eli in the bible is blind. When he reaches a village ruled by the powerful mobster, carnegie (gary oldman), the man views eli's impressive fighting skills and offers eli a place within his gang. Eli does not shoot the cat until it meows.

They are brown and when he talks to people, he looks them in the eye. In the bible, the high priest eli was blind , and some might say that there are several scenes which may indicate that in the movie eli was blind or at least partially blind. During his “down time” every day, he pulls out his book and reads it.

There are several scenes where his eyes can be seen. Carnegie presses his blind lover claudia jennifer beals to send her daughter solara mila kunis to at least convince eli to spend the night by sleeping with him. Eli tells the guards that he has a copy of the bible.

He was not totally blinded by the nuclear flash but rather to prevent any more damage to his eyes, he had to wear sunglasses like everybody else. Eli wears dark sunglasses as blind people often do. Eli bumps the car door with his bag to gauge exactly where it is.

Taken inside, eli is revealed to be blind, and dictates the new king james version of the bible from memory to lombardi, the sanctuary’s leader. The plothole is that eli constantly makes eye contact and watches people even though he is blind. My problem is that eli did not behave like a blind person.

Though this is clearly not the case. However, there’s visual evidence that he is not blind, like the fact that he looks at things. He was almost certainly blind before his journey began, then is sight was restored so he could complete the task.

Also asked, is denzel supposed to be blind in the book of eli? In one scene he even looks up at the moon. If he was truly blind then he wouldn't be able to do so because he wouldn't.

After eli defends himself and massacres the road bandits, carnegie orders an audience. So yes in the end he does become blind, probably due to the exposure to harmful rays of the sun(remember its post apocalyptic, so probably the ozone layer has completely been depleted leading to harmful uv rays), since he walks without his sunglasses after being shot by gary oldman. Eli does not notice the car with the skeleton until he hears the sound of rattling metal.

So we're led to believe at the end that eli is blind. There are two options for the twist of eli being blind. According to imdb faq, yes he was possibly partially blind :

Eli wears dark sunglasses, as blind people often do. In the bible, the high priest eli was blind, and some might say that there are several scenes which may indicate that in the movie eli was blind or at least partially blind: According to imdb faq yes he was possibly partially blind.

There’s no way a real blind person could do the things eli could do in the movie, but this is fiction, not a reality show. In the midst of his journey, eli comes across a robber baron of sorts, named carnegie (gary oldman) and his partner’s daughter, solara (mila kunis), changing his life. Ok sorry i thought of a couple more thing suggesting eli isn’t blind, in the beggining he got the lighter off of the dead high jackers and saw the flame, the wind was blowing away from him so he.

Sure, a blind man can hear a chainsaw coming at his head, but wouldn't that also mean he couldn't hear the silent knife coming at him at the same time? A soldier had returned through the back gate and given the news of the battle to the people. When hunting the cat, for example, he was sitting in a position where it didn't seem like he could actually see his target at all;

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