Argentium Sterling Silver

Argentium Sterling Silver. Argentium sterling silver has dramatically better tarnish resistance than standard sterling silver and is much more durable. Whilst all of argentium’s attributes are amazing, the single most exciting one for jewellers is how easy argentium.

Argentium Sterling Silver Battenburg Lace Bracelet Kit Etsy
Argentium Sterling Silver Battenburg Lace Bracelet Kit Etsy from

Traditional sterling silver has an average melting point of 802°c (1475°f) and a liquidus flow point of 899°c (1650°f). Traditional sterling silver is 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. Considered as setting a new purity standard for silver, argentium sterling silver is far brighter, durable and versatile.

It May Be Necessary To Support Your Work While Heating It.

As mentioned, sterling silver is a popular alloy in jewellery making which comprises of a mixture of pure silver and other alloys. Today, argentium® silver is 93.5% silver—even more pure than traditional sterling. Argentium comes in a couple of varieties, depending on the purity of the silver involved.

Last Week I Received My First Shipment Of Argentium Sterling® Silver Sheet And Wire From Max And Me Beads.

Argentium is actually a type of sterling silver. Argentium silver has a range of extraordinary and unique working and physical attributes, making it the perfect choice for both experienced jewellers and total beginners who have never used silver before in their work. Argentium sterling silver is a modern silver alloy which modifies the traditional alloy (92.5% silver + 7.5% copper) by replacing some of the copper with the metalloid germanium.

The Argentium Silver Was Invented By Peter Johns Who Researched How To Eliminate Firestains In Sterling Silver.

As with any sterling alloy, the I only ordered a small amount (1.87 feet 10g round wire, 48 feet 24 g round wire, (1)6”x3” 30 g sheet, and (1) 6”x3” 24 g sheet). The element germanium is the key to so many of the awesome properties of argentium sterling silver.

When Heated Argentium Sterling Silver, It Stays White Or Get A Light Grey Scale And You Can Control That By Heating The Surface With An Oxidizing Flame, Pickling Or Light Sanding.

Here’s something to blow your mind: The main difference between argentium and sterling silver is their composition. Argentium silver is brighter and whiter than platinum, white gold, palladium and traditional sterling.

Traditional Sterling Silver Is 92.5% Silver And 7.5% Copper.

Argentium sterling silver wire, 935 pure silver troy oz, round 12 to 28 guage, dead soft or half hard, wholesale select your size, ws200 silvercitybeads 5 out of 5 stars (54,712) $ 59.10 free shipping add to favorites 5 pairs argentium silver earwires 19 gauge 0.036 earring findings. So far, i’ve loved every experience i’ve had fabricating with argentium, and will be buying and using plenty more! When the same chemical reaction occurs on the surface without the heat, it’s called tarnish.

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