The Slight Edge Book Review

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It is literally loaded with some of the best core advice to succeed i've read in a long time. The book was easy to read, kept me wanting to continue!

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Very recently, i stumbled upon this book and gave it a quick read.

The slight edge book review. For example, assume you were to invest a small amount of money in a bank account, and. Conclusion this book is as much about giving you that philosophy as it is about giving you the action steps. This is illustrated by the below illustration, that appears regularly throughout the book:

The main (and only) concept in this book is the compound effect of your habits and choices, something the author, jeff olson, calls the slight edge. The slight edge is a philosophy; The slight edge has 198 pages, with font size 11.

The answer lies in the slight edge. What we know, how we hold that knowledge, and what we do. The book mentions the findings of.

(i thank drets very much for this suggestion.) i like this book so much that i recommend it to everyone. According to the author, jeff olson, “the slight edge is a way of thinking, a way of processing information that enables you to make daily choices that will lead you to the success and happiness you desire.”. Copyright © 2005, so it’s an older book, but the content is evergreen.

” while i’m a fan of many of fightingmediocrity’s videos, this. Actually, the gentleman that wrote that book, you might have read already, he was a student of this gentleman, jeff olson, who wrote this book. The slight edge, a fantastic personal development book written by jeff olson, is all about how you can improve in life and reach your goals.

The slight edge is a short, punchy, practical guide to the power of simple daily disciplines. The slight edge (consistently applying true principles) can help you accomplish anything in life. The above fightingmediocrity video introduced me to “ the slight edge.

The slight edge is a book i have heard about from a number of very successful people and i can tell why! The slight edge book review. To do the small things over and over again until success kicks in.

So here is my the slight edge book review! One of the women suggested we read it, and we’ve actually decided to read it all together and discuss. Turning simple disciplines into massive success and happiness by jeff olson.

Turning you life into a huge success by making small choices or decisions that are positively impactful. Turning simple disciplines into massive success, by jeff olso. This is a great book to help you get the most out of any personal improvement advice.

There is so much positive candy in this book that one cannot feel like they aren't empowered to achieve anything after reading it. ” while i’m a fan of many of fightingmediocrity’s videos, this one had some sticking. The slight edge by jeff olson is an amazing book!

As i dive deeper into the slight edge , this philosophy slowly integrating into my life. The secret ingredient is straightforward: I just finished reading the slight edge:

Now, let me break this down and tell you why. The slight edge in my first blog i wrote about the 4 day week , which is, of course, something that represents a significant change in habits and mindset, and the sort of project you would expect to be met with high levels of scepticism when mooted. Our philosophies shape our attitudes, actions and results, which in turn shape our lives.

The book is basically about the power of habits and small, easy actions compounded over time. The above fightingmediocrity video introduced me to “ the slight edge. This is so true in my life and has been the key to any accomplishment i have.

This book, by jeff olson, helped me to really double down on my efforts at personal growth. The book uses the analogy of compound interest to explain how small changes can produce big results over time. Astounding results most often stem from the cultivation of small, daily habits.

The slight edge is the idea that every single day you’re either doing one or two things, you are either on the slight edge. The slight edge is about “turning simple disciplines into massive success & happiness”. This is another great take on the importance of getting small things right (and the consequences of getting them wrong).

I am reading this book right now with a two other women. Turning simple disciplines into massive success. I am a former procrastinator who barely had any definable goal in life with laziness sitting over the bridge of my nose.

(i even did “sell” it to my friends five times in a single day.) Everything you do, every decision you make, every action (and inaction!) has a slight positive or negative impact on the final outcome (according to the author, there is no neutral here, and i tend to. It represents a way of thinking:

Or that’s called the compound effects. Now a word about this book — yes, i know the cover looks kind of cheesy. Recently i have read a wonderful the slight edge:

The slight edge is a reminder that there is no magic button in life; The slight edge by jeff olson is a book par excellence. It is an excellent book with a lot of really positive and actionable ideas.

If you enjoyed books like atomic habits, the power of habit or the compound effect, then you’ll enjoy jeff olson’s advice. The slight edge is all about doing a little bit each day and finding success through simple actions. For the month of june, the think & grow chick bookclub will be reading the slight edge by jeff olson.

The slight edge book review. It is also one of the few books that i’ve revisited and read more than 1 time. The slight edge by jeff olson — book review.

Yes, i know “successful” is spelled with a dollar sign.

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