The Odyssey Book 10 Questions And Answers

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She was able to turn odysseus’ crew by adding a magical potion to the food that she served to the crew. Which of the gods does not empathize with.

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What does athena beg her father?

The odyssey book 10 questions and answers. He plugs his ears with wax as the ship passes the sirens’ island. How would you rate odysseus as a leader in the polyphemus episode? Athene tells odysseus he should fall before arete.

What is being compared in the epic similes, and what is the effect? 20 questions on book 10 of the odyssey learn with flashcards, games, and more — for free. Asked by michaela r #275283.

He wants his men freed from their transformation first. What did aeolus give odysseus and his men? The grace of the witch 1.

Eurylochus escapes to inform him of the calamity. The men's next stop was. What covers the floor of the hall?

Who is dysseus’s patron goddess? What is the name of the island where the men next land? Who demonstrates metis and what is the result?

Remember that the assessment for this novel will be a project, so it is important that you read as much as possible before we start with it. If not, what is it that they represent? He sits in a heap of ashes.

When odysseus arrives on aeaea, he sends a team of two dozen scouts to investigate the area. For how long has odysseus been away from home? Hermes lends him the moly plant.

Reread your answers at the end prior to your final submission. The odyssey, book 5 questions. The whole crew comes to circe’s hut.

You will receive your score and answers at the end. The odyssey book 23 by homer book 23: The odyssey questions and answers the question and answer sections of our study guides are a great resource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss literature.

How would you characterize the xenia of the aeolians? The phaeaceans are startled by the sudden appearance of odysseus. The blood of everyone he killed.

The men are suspicious of the bag aeolus gave odysseus in book 10 of homer's the odyssey and think he must be hiding some. Odyssey book 9 & 10 quiz. The trunk of the olive tree

Use your odyssey book and study guide to answer the following questions from book 9 and 10. He admires the palace’s beauty. His men die because they ate the sun gods cattle.

Litcharts assigns a color and icon to each theme in the odyssey, which you can use to track the themes throughout the work. What order does odysseus give the maids? While the odyssey is a classic, it can be hard to understand.

All but one of his ships are destroyed. Odysseus was warned, and he set out in order to save his. What happens to his men and why does this happen.

What does he do to them? Questions are all based on blooms, designed to challenge students' critical thinking skills. What does it suggest about human behavior and the tragic fate of

They have such a wonderful time there feasting and being entertained that they begin to forget about home. In what way do melanthius the goatherd and the suitors throw away a chance to redeem themselves in this book? Are they meant to be taken literally?

Circe tells him that he is. Give textual support for your answers. The odyssey in elizabethan revenge tragedies, it is common for the villain to declare himself a thorough rascal.

Who is dysseus’s enemy, and why is he mad at him? Answer the questions using complete sentences. He has his men bind him to the ship’s mast.

A year later, odysseus’ men ask to leave, and odysseus agrees. The odyssey book 10 by homer directions: Where is odysseus when the epic opens.

The men do not return because. How is odysseus able to listen safely to the sirens’ song? Odysseus continues his story to the phaeacians:

Athena makes the sirens appear ugly to him. Who is sent to deliver the message from zeus to free odysseus? This is a short answer quiz based on books 9 and 10 in the odyssey.

Please, read the following questions and answer them in your copybooks. Athena, goddess of knowledge arrives. It covers the lotus eaters, the cyclops and circe.

Explain the ironies in the polyphemus episode. Aeolus “odysseus and his men next land on the island aeolus,” 2. He eats a lotus flower, rendering him unable to swim to the sirens’ island.

Who is aeolus, and what does he do? Think carefully about the speech of zeus. He tells them clean the halls, and afterwards he killed them all.

The men are given food and shelter. What goddess shows up to help? Review the book with these sample questions and answers to make sure you're prepared for discussion or a quiz.

Book 10 summary & analysis. The answer to this is circe.

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